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Prosperity Points

Everything in the natural realm was created by and belongs to God.
We need to know more than just the person of Jesus; we need to know the principles of the Kingdom.
The real goal for prosperity is to be a good steward, not just to be comfortable.

Renewing our minds and getting our hearts right are imperative to living a blessed life. Romans 12:2 instructs us to do just that.

When we put the Kingdom of God first, delighting in the Lord, we will have everything we need.

Despite a popular and unscriptural belief, our great and loving God wants every one of His children to be blessed!

God is a creator; He can still create if the need arises!
According to Deuteronomy 8:18 we need to remember from where our financial blessings actually come!
To claim the blessings and promises of God, we need to honor the Lord with our material possessions.
Obedience to God brings about the blessings we are promised as His children and heirs.
Part of being a believer is receiving that the blessing of the Lord makes rich!
As a part of our covenant with God, we have the promise of blessing in all we set our hand to.
Our relationship with the Holy Spirit gives us an inside track to make wise and prosperous financial decisions.

Ministering to the Lost

There's a common misconception that unless someone is "really bad" they'll get into Heaven. That's not what Jesus taught.

One of the greatest ways we minister to the unsaved is by living a life of faith. This life we live is an effective witness.

We have authority to bind the devil and loose angels to minister to our loved ones. This is a powerful way to see change in their lives.
Another way we can minister to the lost is to pray for others to come into their lives that they will be open to.
Once we've done all these things, we need to rejoice in faith for the coming change in our loved ones' lives.

God's Plan for Your Life

It's not wise to make our own plans and ask God to bless them. Rather we need to seek His will for our lives and walk it out.
We have to choose to do the will of God. It is available, but it's not automatic.

Three Things that Must Agree

This series digs into three things that must agree in order to have the power of God working in our lives: Believing, Speaking, and Doing! First we learn that believing is a choice!

If your believing and your speaking don't agree, then God's blessings won't fully manifest. They must match up!

If we don't believe enough to act on our faith, then we really don't believe.
If what you're believing, and therefore saying, lines up with God's Word, then you are saying God's Words.
Our actions are shown in our obedience, praying in the spirit, and praise & thanksgiving.

Preparing for the Future

Is God delighting in your way? Are you following His direction?
God's plan for your life is good!
The Word of God is constantly giving birth to new revelation.

Divine Healing

We understand that God's Word has an affect on our physical bodies.
The speaking of the Word releases Power!

Truths about Faith

Faith connects us to the supernatural.
Unreleased faith doesn't produce any fruit.

The best way to build your faith is total immersion in the Word of God.


Don't wait until you're in a disastrous situation to learn to use your faith!
The primary way we release our faith is through our words.
First John 3:8 tells us one of the primary reasons Jesus came!
We must choose our spiritual diet.
Until you what you say you believe spurs you to 1-speak and 2-act on what you believe, you really don't believe.
We need to position ourselves to receive God's gifts and grace.
Confession is the way every blessing of redemption enters our lives.

Revelation Knowledge

The Holy Spirit gives us access to revelation about things we need to see.
We need revelation in three areas according to Ephesians 1.

The Divine Process

Learn how God can get involved in your life to bring a breakthrough.
There is a process that precedes the "suddenly."
Choose to believe and then to act. You are a part of this process!
Part of the process is mediation on the Word. Make it yours!

The Most Important Question

Today we will begin to discuss the most important question you can ask, "What does God's Word say?"
Once you find what His Word says, there are some steps to take to get to the next level.

The Miracle Equation

In this new series we will examine the woman with the issue of blood from Mark 5 to see how she received her healing.
We learn the miracle equation is faith+power=miracles. The first step this woman took was hearing.
In order for faith to work, it has to be in two places: your heart and your mouth.
You don't have to wait on God to initiate your miracle.
Make sure what you're hearing is worth hearing: that is what builds your faith.
Faith without corresponding action produces very little.


Our new series focuses on praise! It is a spiritual activity that is completed in physical expression. It's something we need to DO.
In this second part of our series on Praise, we discover that praise is essential to entering into God's presence. (Psalm 100:4)

Psalm 33:1 shows us that praise is attractive to God. We don't do it for people, but for Him.

Our praise is directly related to our increase and harvest.

We were meant to praise. It's an essential tool in silencing the enemy in our lives!
Praise is a choice we have to make. It spans distance and time; it's so powerful!
In Psalm 22:3 we read that Praise creates a dwelling place for God here in our world. His manifested presence appears when we praise.
Praise is a Heavenly activity that we have the privilege to partake in while we're here on earth!
One of the best things we can ever put on is our garment of praise.
Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. Praise is a big way we break things open in the spiritual realm.

Your Best Year Yet

Our new series helps you to learn how to have your best year yet! What is your part in cooperating with God to get your best to you?
The process of living your best year yet raises some questions. Today we ask, "What am I willing to change?"

Today's question asks, "How much are you willing to raise your spiritual outflow?"                        

A vital step toward living your best year yet is asking yourself, "how much am I willing to increase my giving?"
The final two questions we ask ourselves in this series are "who will I help succeed" and "what am I willing to sacrifice to serve?"
This third installment brings the question, "How much are you willing to add to your spiritual intake?"
An appropriate question for this Valentine's Day message is "what is one way I can DO love?" It's an action, not a feeling!
This video raises a question from Proverbs 27:17, "on whose iron do I need to sharpen my own?"

Mark 11:24-The Prayer that Changes and Receives

Today we begin a series teaching from Mark 11:24. Different types of prayer have different rules. We will learn about some of them here.
"Faith begins where the will of God is known." The first step in the this type of prayer is to determine what you're asking of God.
Knowing God's will requires that you know God's Word is taking directly to you.
Finally, once all the prep work is done, you're ready to pray your prayer in faith!
The next step in preparing to pray is to find scriptures that prove out your desire in the Word.
When you've found the scriptures, digest and meditate on them until they become so real to you that it's harder to doubt than to believe.

Asking God and Getting an Answer

Today our new series focuses on what the Old Testament calls "inquiring of the Lord" or basically asking God a question and getting an answer. We learn that God has obligated Himself to answer us.
Today Pastor Greg begins going over key aspects to inquiring of the Lord. The first step is developing your faith in this area.
Another practical step to asking God a question and getting an answer is to not limit how or through whom the answer will come.
Wrapping up this series gives us two final practical steps to inquire of God. First, be persistent. Second, commit to doing what God tells you to do in His answer!
This video goes over more practical steps to inquiring of the Lord. You need to make time to wait on God and seek His face.
When receiving an answer from God, it's important to know His Word. God doesn't lead through circumstances.

The Benefits of the Blood

Pastor Greg Mayhorn begins a new series highlighting some of the benefits of the precious Blood of Jesus for the believer.
The first benefit of the blood of Jesus we learn about is the remission of sin.
A wonderful aspect of the blood of Jesus is being able to have clear conscience.
The blood of Jesus gives us access to the very presence of God.
The precious blood of Christ helps us to overcome the devil.
The next advantage we learn about is the cleansing power of the blood of Jesus.
Being able to say we are redeemed is one of the greatest benefits of the blood.
The covering of the blood of Jesus allows us Divine protection.
The final benefit that we'll cover in this series is the sealing of a new covenant between God the Father and Jesus Christ, and therefore us who are in Him.

Teach Us to Pray

Our new series begins by teaching us about three ways to learn to pray.
Successful prayer is prayer God pays attention to. We want to find a Biblical foundation for our prayers.
Prayer is not a hit-or-miss proposition. There is a system to getting prayer answered.
God needs us to pray; His Words abide in us and help us to cooperate with what He wants done.
We need to learn to pray from a place of authority. We should only be moved by what we know God says.
Have you ever thought about asking God what to pray about? Prayer is simply communication with God. In communicating we not only speak, but also listen.
Prayer is about developing a relationship with God.
Learning to pray will help us walk above the mess of the world. When we ask according to God's will, we can know we will receive.
What we call an "answer to prayer" is just the manifestation of what we were believing for. We need to start from a foundation of faith when we pray.
To effectively pray for others, we need to learn two very important steps: praying laborers come into their paths and binding the devil and his works.
We move from the known to the unknown when we pray in tongues. This valuable and important prayer tool is available to any believer who would ask.


We start a new series in which we learn that God wants to increase us more and more.
God, Who created everything, wants to increase you because He is good and loves you!
The blessing and increase of God is meant to span generations.
God not only desires our increase, but it is expected of us!
Increase isn't automatic, it is a process.

The Rest of Your Life, the Best of Your Life

Today Pastor Greg begins a new series to help you have the best future! In this introduction we learn to leave the past in the past.

In today's installment of our series, Pastor Greg teaches us how important it is to pray, with both our understanding and our spirit.


In this edition of our current series, Pastor Greg reminds us that in order to have a different future, we need to be willing to change and do things we've never done before.

Part of having a glorious future, as we'll hear in Pastor Greg's message today, is being generous. True riches are entrusted to the generous, faithful giver.
In the conclusion of today's series, we are reminded by Pastor Greg to be thankful, and to give God praise and worship Him.

This day's continuation of our series shines more light on the importance of seeking God through prayer and letting Him speak to us through His Word.

As a most important part of living your best life, Pastor teaches us how critical it is to be faithful to the House of God.

Today we learn from Pastor Greg that obedience is a great key to living a blessed and full life.

Why Jesus Came

In this Christmas season Pastor Greg Mayhorn wants to talk about why Jesus came to the earth.

In our second video of this series, we see that Jesus came to earth to redeem mankind.


In this week's segment Pastor Greg teaches that Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil during his earthly ministry.

For this final look at why Jesus came, we will focus on His coming to redeem us.

Pastor Greg continues this series by telling us that Jesus came to reveal the Father to us and show us who God is.

Today's message in our series explains that Jesus came to defeat the devil through His death at Calvary.



Pastor Greg begins a new series sharing some things he's learned about prayer.

In the second part of this series, Pastor Greg teaches us how to base our prayers on Scripture.

In today's installment of our Prayer series, we learn to wait on God.

Pastor Greg continues to share some things he's learning about prayer. Today we learn to return God's Word to Him.

In this final installment of the series, Pastor Greg talks about a very important, but often misunderstood facet of prayer-praying in tongues.

Hearing God

In this new series Pastor Greg teaches us about hearing from God.

The Strong Spirit

Pastor Greg begins a new series that will teach you how and why to strengthen your spirit!

In part 2 of this series, Pastor Greg teaches us that one of the keys to keeping a strong spirit is to guard your heart.

Today we learn how and what to feed our spirit to develop and maintain spiritual strength.


In this episode Pastor Greg touches on another aspect of spiritual fitness-exercise!

In part 3 of this series, we're learning how to build a strong spirit through earnest, heartfelt prayer.

This week, in Pastor Greg's series The Strong Spirit, we learn more about an aspect of spiritual fitness to apply in our lives-proper spiritual diet!

In the final message of our series, Pastor Greg emphasizes the importance of spiritual rest.

Healing School

Pastor Greg begins a new series teaching about divine healing. You won't want to miss any of these classes!


Pastor Greg begins a new series dealing with words. Today's installment talks about a word in season.

Pastor Greg continues to teach us about using our words. This week we learn to speak words of love.

Pastor Greg talks to us today about giving a word of encouragement.

Today Pastor Greg communicates to us about a word of faith.

Pastor Greg finishes up this series about words by teaching us about words to use only as needed: words of instruction, words of correction, and words of rebuke.

People You Need in Your Life

Pastor Greg starts a new series teaching you about the people you need, and don't need, in your life.

Pastor Greg continues to teach about the kinds of people we need in our lives.

Pastor Greg continues this series by teaching us about why we need mentors in our lives

To wrap up this series, Pastor Greg Mayhorn tells us why we need to have friends

This week, Pastor Greg Mayhorn teaches why we need a pastor in our lives.

This week, we learn from Pastor Greg why we need encouraging people in our lives.

Rejoicing Over Your Future

Pastor Greg Mayhorn starts a new series teaching how to rejoice over your future.

Living the Spirit-Led Life